Sinful Imagination II

Ezra Bature2022/01/22 18:55
Sinful Imagination II

Sinful Imagination II

Demonic spirit possessed my mind,I pray for a blessings but get a breast, I take a clear view to free my mind, Then!! Here comes the long awaiting lady Waiting to be pound.. I took a side view and fantasize her bareness as she send an eyes contact with a signal of approval

I undressed her quickly, nudity bare with brilliancy and beauty..

nipples long like needle,

I suckle and tickle,

Nipple size increases

Her breasts elate with joy,

Wiggle and dangle..

My hand loosely caress..

One hand caress her clapping buttocks, I go gentle to and fro beneath the sweetest hole.. her hands holds and rob my testicle..

Tongue kisses deep.. tongue beneath..Clitoris licked, excitement aroused..

A Hot hole tunnel wet...

she loose!..Heartbeat fast!!.Breath cease, Legs wide open..

She moan aloud for my erection to deep into her depth.. Perfect adjustment, slowly I penetrate deeper, she give me a good atmosphere, with variation and a tighter sensation, deep and slow, pull out her ass up and down for a good penetrative action..

After a sweet missionary, with pleasure and satisfaction, she wrapped her lips and suck me gently, deep throat, she tickled my balls and testicle.. I moan aloud!!..

She enhanced me as i go over and over with variations, she adjust perfectly, submissively, wider, harder i hit her behind with a fantastic view, orgasm reached as we lay down in glory

Alas!! I was dispossessed and i realized it was all but a fantasy, fallacy and a SINFUL IMAGINATION


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