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Story of a young teenager whom people taught was going to end up being a nuisance in life Part 1 My life was going in the right direction but all of a sudden everything fell apart I grew up as a child being loved by many but suddenly stopped

Slip up

Misery at first please at the end

I was loved by many

I was the centre of Attraction many looked up to me as their role model I was loved and loved and loved by many but all of a sudden I became a black sheep in the eyes of many people called me all sort of names they said I would be a prostitute a slot and some said that even if I don't end up becoming a prostitute or a slot that I would get pregnant on wantedly I felt so bad when I heard all this to the extent that my own family they all believed it my own mother called me names told me to my very face that I will become a slot or a prostitute every single day when she said that I cried within me because I thought that even if the world speaks bad about you that's the person that gave birth to you would defend you but in this case it turned out to be the opposite I told myself when I turned 15 that I will prove them wrong in this life yes I did but it seems like what they said is kind of true but not really true people never understood me I'm just that type of girl that wants to live a free life without having any evil intention about it my mother was a pastor and my father too but little did they know that our generation and theirs not the same my mother always told me don't discuss any other thing with your friends apart from the Bible every single time she said this and I'm wondering does everything revolves around the Bible yes it does but sometimes teenagers need to talk about something else my life was filled up with misery so here's my story finally I got into college my first day in college I met this cute sweet Guy omg he was just so good looking I really really really liked him not actually liked I really loved him we dated for 5 months only for me to find out that he was cheating on me I cried for weeks but I moved on

After that I met bethel omg he was my ride or die we dated for two months only for me to go pay him a surprise visit unfortunately he was with his side check having fun I felt like ending my life after that I decided to stop loving anything called love was out of it for me only for another to come and I said to my self probably not all guys are the same this time around we dated for 1 year we loved each other unconditionally I was 17 when he asked for sex within me I didn't want to give in cause I planned on saving till marriage but I loved him so much I gave into the idea we had sex

After a week I noticed strange changes in my body at that point I had to tell my mom about it

We decided to go for a test

Ooh God I allowed all that people said about me come to pass I was confirmed pregnant oh god the shame my mother was so disappointed in me

Not just her I was also disappointed in myself for letting all I said about proving people wrong come to pass I decided to go tell my boyfriend about the pregnancy but guess what he denied me, he said he wasn't responsible for the pregnancy I felt like killing myself suicide came to my head severally but that was not the option I felt alone and I never blamed anybody for once because I brought this upon myself

Wow how time flies it's really 9 months my month of delivery finally after all the months of surviving and striving and taking away the thoughts of suicide from my head I'll finally due for delivery I pushed and pushed but to no avail

Oh father lord it's my 4th hour here I feel like the baby is dead already

The doctor said let's just try one more push oh I pushed with every strength in me finally my little angel is out

So beautiful at some point I wondered did she really come out from me

Wow how time flies again it's been 2 years after I gave birth to my little adorable Aphrodite yes I named her Aphrodite because she was too beautiful after I gave birth to Aphrodite I prayed and I told God Lord please let Aphrodite not go through the same thing I went through

I finally got into high School 4 years passed I'm finally a graduate I got the job a very nice one at that I could feed without any stress not just me but I could pay for my beautiful Aphrodite school fees

Finally I spoke to myself and I decided to go visit my parents I mean it's been years now and the last time I checked I'm the one that actually disappointed them

I and Aphrodite went to go visit my parents only for me to find out that my mum was dead I felt so bad I began to cry at that moment I cried and cried but I had to control myself so after all the long run I introduce Aphrodite to her grandfather I apologized for bringing shame to him he asked me to get on my knees I did as you said and he blessed me not just me but Aphrodite as well I decided to take him out I got him some things at the grocery shop after wards we drove back home oh wow what a long day everyone who was at sleep but one thought kept ringing in my head

Yes indeed what people predicted came to pass but I can also recall people saying that I will be useless in life yes I had a daughter out of wedlock but still I'm a graduate today have a very nice job and I have my beautiful daughter with me not just her but my father too

Yes indeed I made a very big mistake which can also be referred to as a slip up but my life is still perfect and in a way I still proved people wrong

Oh my God it's already late I didn't even know when I slept off not covering myself with a blanket to protect myself from cold only for me to feel a hand covering me with a blanket I opened my eyes only for me to see my dad I was so happy because I that point I just realise that you really forgave me

I went back to bed and I felt someone kissing my neck and whispering to my ears you are the best thing that has ever happened to me I love you my dear daughter

Another point I knew that I made no mistake in life because behind every glory there is a story



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