Without a mom

Kerrie karl2022/01/20 10:52

Joyfully i sat on a couch Enjoying my mom's touch Waiting for what to munch Running away with her purse Finally realizing its all false I broke into a sob For she left without a pause

Without a mom

Without a mom

Without a mom

Joyfully I sat on the couch,

Enjoying my mom's touch,

Waiting for what to munch,

Running away with her purse,

Finally realizing it's all false,

I broke into a sob,

For she left without a pause.

I sat amidst tears,

Folded in fears,

Wished it could be clear,

Maybe she's having a dare,

cause we had no heir,

But she was so unfair,

To have left without a care.

Watching kids beside moms,

But gone was my Mom,

Probably to have moments,

Filled with enjoyment,

Away from our torments,

Forgetting little Janet,

Is this a mother.....

Or a murder..?

Who left her children without a guardian.


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