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Friends that help you rise together That see the good in you, nurture it till it becomes the best They are rare but can be found only in the ace of bended knees



There is nothing beautiful like the bond between mother and son. My mother,a 39 year old trader, beautiful and religious. That is why like boiled okra her memory sticks to my heart. She met with the inevitable spirit of Death and was engulfed in it's void. Thus,my resolve to be a Medical Doctor. She never allowed me hawk with her or get involved with the streets.

She suffered from Diabetes and was always on insulin injections which we could hardly afford. Her arms looked like that of a junkie with numerous holes from injections. On this fateful day, she was rushed to the Hospital,she looked pale.At a Federal Hospital in the Metropolis,her Doctor probably in his 40s,surely a professional with a Kwame Nkrumah haircut and his steady glasses informed us that her health was deteriorating and that she needed to undergo a Detoxification process which will cost a huge amount of money.I watched as his lips moved with every word,I was in a daze of admiration but I was dragged out of the mist I locked myself in and screamed,Doctor!. I begged him to start treatment reminding him of the oath he took.He replied with a firm "No".He called it Hospital policy. I cussed a few times after he left.My heart was heavy as I watched her break down with shaky hands.I reached for her hands and we said a little pray. She died around 1am in my embrace. I cried all night and swore to be the Best Medical Doctor,for her and other Nigerians with Diabetic issues. "I CAN AND I WILL" is the watch-word. Nigeria tomorrow will have a team of Medical Doctors who will uphold the Oath of Life and create a consciousness of the credibility of the Health sector and prevent excessive trips for a much more expensive treatment.


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