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Life is 10% what happens to us or what people say to or about us and 90% what we do with or about it.

Who wins??

Akoworo Wonderful Olaoluwa

Have you been to a show room where football matches are played for people to pay and watch?.Once the 1hr 15mins match ends,people begin to form groups discussing the match,here is the statistics,more than 85% of these people have a problem or 2 with how the match was played,-15% think the match was great and the players did try....funny right but that's the maths of life,the viewers of the match are the people in your life including friends,family,society etc,the match is your Dreams/Visions/Purpose or Desires whichever one you choose to call it,and you see just like those people who come to watch the match,more than 85% of your family,friends,society and what have you really don't think or see your visions being a success and guess what,they won't shut there mouth either,they will tell you how foolish and stupid you must be to have taught or visioned such an impossible and unrealistic or too big a risk or dream,they will find faults with your ideas,if you got to try it and fail on your first attempt,OH! My they'll rub it in your face and come back screaming there lungs telling you"I told you it was better being a dream!",they'll throw tantrums and hurt you with there words,they'll come bearing million excuses,reasons,faults,disadvantages as to why your desires are impossible and unattainable they'll call you mad and unbelievable,whatever they say or call you is as true as you permit remember life is 10% what happens to you or what people say to you and 90% what you do with it.

The question is would you win this time or will the critics win, be smart.😉





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