I loved you..

Enock2022/01/17 14:01

We all love,that's true. with each heart break,still there will be someone that finds lock to unbreak your broken heart.

You broke me.

I didn't have silver and gold,I told you.

didn't buy you roses,I always wished I did.

No penny,no one else just me. That's all I had and that's all I gave to you....

You knew me,

my broken heart stories,

my miserable past.

you knew everything,you knew all the corners of my broken heart and you promised to fix it....

But the saying is trustworthy "only time tells."

we grew so far apart,I used to tell you.

the foxes of lies,the rumours were eating up our love but,

you always neglected saying "we are fine."

till it was not okay at all,till you became so had to reach...

You broke me,broke the same broken heart.

I trusted you,bae, I loved you till you broke me. Now you are so gone,and yet I take up the job of cleaning up the pieces of me.



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