The sincere you...

Enock2022/01/17 13:12

You,it's all you. You live each day for you,that's sincerity. no selfishness,no hatred just a simple sincere life..... Life is a mixed emotions, realities that can make you smile and cry sometimes. But you never quit on being you,that's sincerity...

With pure intentions...

Heart and mind,

the words that flow through your lips.

you say alot and do everything,

that's sincerity.....

Pure intentions prove genuineness.

it's character,not twisted.

no changes just patiently being the best of you......

Sincerity is everything,

what you want,what your doing and planning to do.

what you want to say,"are you being sincere?"

because with greatness comes responsibilities and being sincere to yourself makes it easier...



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