Rest In Peace

Thanda2022/01/17 09:10

People get brutally murdered and all we say is "Rest in Peace". There is no justice served and the beveared suffer severe pain and trauma.

You were once an innocent fruit of love

The tainted world turned you into a fruit of rivalry and rage

Oh how quickly bent out of shape you got; considering your age

We busy telling you to rest in peace

As though you died in one piece

How could there be rest in the graveyard

When murderers still strutter with boastful grins of a blowhard

when your family is crying a far cry of justice

Being oblivious of the tragic truth that when all the people come before their faces claiming "jammer oor jou verlies"

Just a portion of the population under tents with black outfits is unfeigned

The rest are just counterfeit

They cannot wait for the next victim

For blood is their wine of victory

Yet we continue to say RIP.


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