Khadija2022/01/16 20:24

Gloomy Eyes

I like to cry my eyes out. I opt to cry the words out of my eyes, words I can't express. They say my eyes speak, sure they are right. My eyes speak but not the lies, because "Eyes never lie chico". A clear depiction of my inner self can be seen through these gloomy lifeless eyes. No wonder why they're all always in search of darkness, because ray of life has been dim for pretty long time now or one might say that I am nyctophile. Nobody likes darkness unless it resides with in you. The intensity of clenched teary eyes really be screaming about misery of my life, but fortunately there's no witness around to have pity on me because Oh boy! Those gestures filled with sympathy will be enough to make me realize that how weak I am. And with these gloomy eyes I don't want to face that I am not OK. Can't I just pretend to be happy with these bright shiny deep eyes which I save for the world outside? Or maybe it's time for me to see how fragile I am and stop telling myself that It'll be alright? Because deep down I know, it'll not.


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