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What failure is, what failure is not


Has anyone ever failed so much that he had to admit the he was a failure? I mean taking a deep look at yourself and decided to admit upon reality facts present in front of you that the whole of your effort was a waste. It amounted to nothing but emptiness and waste of resources and efforts. 

People world over have at one point or the other come across a failing situation or a failing person. I mean people failing to achieve a set goal or exam, or in fact in marriages or a business or in an effort to stop doing something - say an addiction. But here, I'm talking about an all round failure of a person. There's nothing you try your hand at. It never works. It's either you fail at the beginning or at the end or in the middle of everything. On the long run, you get tired of trying cos you feel and look miserable all the time you're about to start something new cos you're already thinking in your mind that you're a failure, you always fail at everything and you will fail at this again. Sounds like you're used to failing at everything. It's not strange to feel that way. 

I write this in my effort to understand what failure really is. Some times life throws us the hardest stones, plays us the most puzzling joker, push us down in times and on things we least expected, and our minds are filled with questions like - what am I not doing right? Did I offend someone who has cursed me? But I serve God and why has he refused to help me? Did my parents curse me? Did I step on things I shouldn't have stepped on? We even think thoughts like - has someone used my destiny for money rituals? Is it my dad or siblings that used it? Or my uncle or my aunt? Or some friends I didn't know? 

We even sometimes start to avoid these people because of the things we've imagined and thought about them, but in most cases, these people are innocent. We do these and more in an effort to trace our failings to a fault or to someone so we can blame something or someone for failing. 

I have an uncle who blames our older uncle for his own failure. I have a friend who blames us, his other friends for why he failed in life. Even I have, at some point blamed my dad for why I wasn't doing well at some point. I actually did so because he so camped us when we were younger and didn't allow us to mix. He was just protecting us from bad influences then cos we had a lot of them around us. I had to sit myself down one day and asked myself some deep questions. Was my Dad really a failure of a father? My honest answer was NO! That man did a great job. And this that am doing right now is a product of his effort. Imagine if the man hadn't stood his grounds then, I might have been a yahoo boy by now or a thug or a thief or a jigolo, or a scammer. Cos then when we were growing up, we had all these kinds among our neighbours and we could have been influenced easily. But that man stood his ground to instill discipline in us, and thank God we all are turning out well. 

Failure is not celebrated in this world. Only success and greatness are celebrated. But we human have not really taken the time to understand what failure really is. What does it mean to be a failure? On what criteria is the definition based? What determines that someone is a failure? Does been a failure make life worthless? 

Let's find out in the next post on - FAILURES.


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