Twisted obsession

Chochoshin2022/01/13 23:57

Samantha hates Ashton grey for all his worth Ashton cant get enough of his spicy mate When hatred gets stringed with obsession

Obssesed younger sister

Samantha tried her hardest to ignore the loud blaring music that wouldn't let her focus. She understood her younger sister was going through her fan girl phase but seriously? This was just getting out of hand. She had woken up seven in the morning to that music playing and now even after two whole hours the same music was still playing

She grudgingly dropped her phone and marched out of the comfort of her room to bang at Emma's door which was right across from her's

" Emma! Turn off that damn music!"

She could hear footsteps from the other end of the door and then it was opened to reveal her gloomy younger sister

" what?"

" what do you mean what?" She frowned " are you trying to shatter my eardrums? Turn that bloody music off"

" o come on, it's not even that loud"

Sam glared at the girl. Obviously Emma wouldn't think it's loud, wasn't it because she had dense hearing

" why have you been playing one music since the past three hours?"

" it's not just A Music it's the Ashton grey new album"

Sam was all too familiar with the popstar. In fact everywhere she went there was always posters of him everywhere and his music constantly bugging her ears

It wasn't that she disliked him or anything, Sam had to admit he had really nice vocals and he wasn't bad to look at too but apart from that she didn't see why everyone was making such a fuse

" that's nice"

She said simply turning to head back to her room but Emma held her back

" you do remember the concert tonight right"

" how could I forget, you scribbled it on my closet door"

" it means the world to me that your agreeing to come. Don't forget to bring Xander too though"

" yeah yeah whatever"

She was vividly aware that Emma only wanted them to tag along because Xander happened to be their ride and her parents would only consent if she tagged along too. Even though Sam wasn't really looking forward to being in a room filled to the brim with Ashton crazed fans she didn't mind much as long as it made her sister so happy

Speaking of Xander. She wondered how her sappy boyfriend was doing. Surely he mustn't have forgotten right?

Sam decided to text him, surely he couldn't still be at the gym right

" you up?" She sent curtly, there was a reply barely seconds later

" hey babe. Just coming back from the gym"

" you remember the concert tonight right?"

" wouldn't forget"

She sighed. That was good at least

" it's at eight and it takes an hour ride to get there so pick us at six thirty okey?"

" sure thing. My younger sisters going too"

" are tickets really that easy to find?"

" no. Tickets were sold out a month ago, Marisa had to fight a girl for it"

" that seems reasonable"

She couldn't help laughing, her boyfriend and his sister were really too hot blooded. But she supposed that was cute

" thank you for this, really"

" anything for my babe. I'll see you tonight?"

" tonight"

She smiled down at the kiss emoji. What a complete sap

She threw her phone down on her bed before picking up a magazine she had been reading. It was a report on the Flare family, New York most prominent underground family. No one was actually sure who they were or what exactly they were doing to atone such mass fortune but all that was said was the power and influence this people had. They literally had connections every where and anywhere that it was kinda scary

Why be so secretive though?

There was really too much shit going on and no one even knew anything about it. But why was she worrying so much about it? Maybe it was because she was so bored.

Sam dropped the magazine and hopped out of bed, since her parents had weren't going to be back till tomorrow morning she might as well make breakfast

Unless Emma was planning on eating music throughout the day


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