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You cant know what people feel if you have never been in their situation.

Chapter 1

It's still Saturday and I haven't been able to call my father. "Rachael, did you call your father today?" Aunty Casey asked, removing the burnt pancake inside the oven. "Today is father's day remember?" She added. I sighed, dropping the plate that I was washing before turning to her, "I've been wanting to call him since, but it keeps escaping my mind. I gave her an apologetic smile. " Why will you remember to call your father, when you don't even know his date of birth as his child?" She boomed, and I jotted up in shock. Then she continued, "I know they did many things to you that you feel are unforgivable, but don't you think that is a wicked thing to do, neglecting your parent's existence even if they don't stay together and you are also not with them? Think about it, don't belike this is you don't want your child to treat you the way you are doing to your parents now!" She yelled. " I will never be or do like my parent aunty Casey, please don't think of me like that in the future. Because I will never commit the mistake they committed." After saying this, I dashed out of the house with pain and a range. The question is, what did my parents do and if you were to be in my position, will you do the same thing I'm doing to them now?

Find out in the next chapter


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