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Relationship and Family



                         CHAPTER 1

"My first flight! but I shouldn't be alone"Tilly said.

"You're no longer a child,babe.You are now ana adult.Take it or leave it you are going alone" Nyx replied 

      Tilly is a twenty five years old lady who is the only child of Mr and Mrs Bruce Moore.She had just made a huge success,her art work titled"More" which she posted on her blog a week ago has been read by the highest publishing company in London,what more could she want? But there was a problem….She was scared and nervous.She wants Nyx her best friend to which she met at primary school to accompany her but she wouldnt agree….Ever since Nyx knew Tilly,Tilly had been an intelligent young girl but she would never speak before people,she had stage fright.She stammers anytime she is to talk.Nyx on th other hand,wasn't a s intelligent as Tilly but she could speak well…

   Tilly started to pack her bags,she had to be in London by the next morning.The company was willing to publish her work.

"Nyx,I have to make a speech before then and you know that…."

"You can do it.Dont worry"Nyx replied on phone.She hung up some minutes after.

Tilly read the message once more,the description,the company would take care of every aspect from marketing, distribution and warehousing of the book and she was offered this contract and in return of buying the rights to publish her book,she would be paid royalties from the sales once the book goes into market.Ae she was still reading,she heard her phone ring,"Hello,Tilly on the phone,who is on the line?" She said

"It's Kim,I am one of your followers,I got your number from your blog"

"Okay so?"

"Don't be annoyed,it's an advice I want to share with you about your book"

"Okay,tell me"she answered

He told her alot and she wrote everything he said

"That's all for now"Kim said

"Thank you Kim,you can call for more ideas or advices I'll be happy to accept it"

Tilly said."You're welcomed.Bye"

"Bye".He hangsup the phone.

She take a hot bath and prepared to go to her parents house to inform them. Knowing well that her parents weren't in support of her writings but she had hope the news of this contract change their mind.The taxi she called some minutes ago arrived and drove her to her parents house.

She knocked on the gate and the gateman responded from inside,"Yes who is there?"

"It's Tilly"

"Welcome ma" he said.

She entered into the living room,dad and mum were in the living room watching news."Good afternoon dad,Good afternoon mum" she greeted them.

"Afternoon my dear,it's been a while since you came to check on us"Mrs Bruce said

"My bad,sorry.I have a very important news to pass"Tilly said.Her dad turns to face her when he heard of a very important she said she wants to pass

"Okay what is it?"he says

"Dad,mum,I got a contract"

"Where?" He questioned

"In London" she answered

"What type of contract?"

"It's at a publishing house ,they…"

Before she could complete her sentence,he slapped her on the face."How dare you? I told you not to ever tell me anything about your books or anything of such.Your great grand father was a scientist,so was your grand father and I took after him,why can't you take after me?"He thundered

"Dad but……"

"But what?infact get out of my house..I don't want to see you till you agree to do what I told you"He commanded.

          Tilly left the house disappointed,knowing that if the contract doesn't work out... She's doomed.

"Am done trying to please him.Its time to be am adult.I would make that speech by all means"She said to herself.


Nyx is a direct opposite of Tilly,she is from a family which doesn't put too much pressure on her.she is the third child and the last.she is 24 years will be 25 soon.She aspires to be a lawyer.Nyx would be getting married soon to Lucian an engineer.

Tilly wasn't in a relationship and claims that she ants to get a good job before settling down.

Tilly got a message from th publishing house to be at the airport by the next morning.She picked up her phone and called Nyx.

"Nyx,hope you would accompany me to the airport tomorrow?"

"Yes absolutely"

"Hmmm,do you think what am doing is wrong?if am going through the right way.Sometimes I think ….."Tilly said

"You keep thinking dear,you aren't wrong neither is your dad wrong? He only wants you to be a better person.Just that he is taking it the wrong way" Nyx said

"Thanks babe"

"So are you planning/preparing your speech?"Nyx asked


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