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A story about a young girl whose only guardian was kidnapped

Dusk Star 


 To be a star,

You must shine your own light

Follow your own path and don't worry about the darkness,for that's when the stars shine the brightest….


Stars don't try to be stars✴️

They just are🖖🖖🖖


⬛ EMILY-Main Character

⬛ JAY-Emily's senior brother

⬛ RISA- Jay's friend

⬛MARSHAL- Risa's boyfriend

⬛JACKIE- Jay's girlfriend

⬛ MICHEAL- The studio manager

⬛MRS MORGAN- Jackie's mother

⬛NICKY AND NELLY-Jackie's siblings

⬛MR JAKE-Trafficker 

⬛MR TAYLOR- Jay's boss

⬛MAYA- Captive

⬛Blunt,Dagger and Caski- MrJake's men


                 🔻Chapter 1🔻

"Bestie,thanks you so much for everything"

"It's no problem,dude.Whats are friends for?"Jay hugged Risa tightly."hey I can't breath" "oops sorry".Risa turned on the television and sat down."But Risa you know I won't keep collecting from you always,I have to get my own job too"

"Am I complaining?"Risa responded.

"No your are not but…."

"But what Jay? I know that if I was in your shoes you would come through for me"

"So what are you watching on TV?"

"Am still searching"

"Okay then..I would be going now,my sister would soon be back from school.I haven't prepared anything for her yet."

"I cooked rice excess,you know am alone here,take some for you and her"

"I've eaten already,I would just get for her"

"Oh e you won't be hungry for the rest of today?"


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