King2022/01/10 14:08

Written thoughts of how it feels to be in love with someone not existing.

Love Unknown

Love Unknown

There's a lot I want in my life,

And tonight, I want to watch the moon with you and see you smile

Even without a romantic vibe, I'd be fine with you by my side

You make real of the sketches I desire

your presence is enough to make me cry with all the feels that you give, I cannot deny

My blood rushing, and heartbeat racing

All because you're by my side.

My mind's talking in silence, appreciating how beautiful you are.

What else could I ask for when you're here by?

You complete me and make me human

Had me impressions of love unknown.

Led me to finding myself and believe in something I've never known.

My heart have never touched something quite a feeling that only you can give

Sorrow effaced as you wrapped me compactly with your warm body and gave me a reason to live.

Nevertheless.. all that you are is notional and never to come true.

Nothing more, nothing less

I a with great content that I can't have you.


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