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 It was a sudden news. The moment I parked my car in the parking lot, my cell phone rang.
My mother has passed away," he said.

 It was my college sweetheart. It was my college girlfriend's death call. I drove straight to her apartment, not knowing where it was since I hadn't been there in ten years, and asked for the address at a convenience store.

 When I got to the funeral home, I looked inside the casket and saw her lying there. I couldn't believe it. The average life expectancy of women is longer than that of men, so I took it for granted that she would be alive until I died.

 I had met her in college. I fell in love with her, but we broke up for some reason. Then, 20 years later, we met again. Although 20 years had passed since we parted incomplete, I still had feelings for her. And another 20 years have passed. I thought that we would become tea-drinking friends, sipping tea and talking about our youthful days in our old age. However, that kind of old age was never going to come.

 Life is shorter than I had imagined when I was a teenager. The number of people I met there was also smaller than I had imagined. The number of people I could talk to in a frank and open manner was probably more than I could count on five fingers. When it comes to the opposite sex, I think one or two people is about average. Now that she is gone, I am keenly aware that she was one of them.

 We went to a public bath together, to a coffee shop, to a movie, and to a swimming pool. We went to Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, and to the morning market in Wajima. There are so many memories, but they are the memories of just the two of us, so when she passed away, they became events that only I know. They became memories that no one else could share.

 She is lying in the cemetery. After her marriage, her husband became mentally ill and could not recover, and her daughter was also ill and her life was full of care. She paid her pension and died when she was old enough to receive it. I think I am very lucky to be able to see my grandchildren. When she saw me again after 20 years.
"I feel like I've seen a little light from the dark tunnel.
 She said. I really hope I was able to be a little light...

 I feel like the long story is over.













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