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The feeling, challenges and struggles a believer encounters every waking day

The Ringing

It was a dream

A peaceful dream, a different one this time

One about wealth, one about a masked joy

The dream that makes the sleeper pull the warm blanket tightly over their shoulders involuntarily causing a smile to spread on their faces

A gentle tickle of the unearthly yet cool breeze, not from the fan, no!

One might guess it is from the accursed

The chirping of insects which finally sounds appeasing to the ear,

That whirring, annoying noise of blood-sucking insects dying out instantaneously

A more realistic dream been played and finally sending the body, mind and soul away from the Tilted-Spinning-Spherical-Blue-Planet

‘What a bliss’ he whispers

A whispering which sounds distant yet melodious and true

More desperately, he searches for dreams the sleeper desires

‘Sleep on…’ he urges

And then the Ringing breaks the peace

The dream, snatched away

The whispers becoming your own thoughts

Eyes, heavier than is normal

Body, heavier than is normal

Blankets, bed, sounds, breeze..each seizing a piece of your vessels…calling you to make one gesture

‘Turn it off! The verse says let not one of you come to prayer in a drunken state (heavily asleep). This is also talking about you’

‘Do it when you are awake’

‘Don’t you know it is cold outside’

The ringing continues

The debate between the few-worded Good You and the Desperate alluring voice

‘You know you will regret this when you are fully awake’

No mistaking as to who gives this advice

Then he makes you remember your promise of maintaining the 5 moments of the day you’d dedicate to Him

You now feel the anger of the disturbance turn into consideration, then reluctance, then new found determination and finally you regain full consciousness

Sleep deserts you in that moment you turn off the Ringing but not to answer to that strange yet familiar voice of utter misguidance..no!…the answer is for that morning breeze you’d feel in a moment when you walk towards His house

When you remember to thank Him for the mercy of allowing you to be among the blessed..of all 7 billion people, he woke u up

Among the snoring dead, he woke u

Then the cold water becomes welcoming at that moment you begin to feel that it is a beneficial task for you

Besides it will take 7 minutes at most

You feel important, chosen, selected and tested

Another verse says ‘which of the favors of your lord do you deny?’

You wash up and go answer the call that really emphasizes ‘asalatul khairun minan naum’

Prayer is better than sleep


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