It began as a mistake

Ajibike Jummy2022/01/04 12:26
It began as a mistake

It began as a mistake

Like the rain it fell,

Upon my innocent soul,

Soaking it deep, turning

My heart weak and weary

Tribulation hooks my hand

Walking down red Sea, disguised

Trouble ambush, weariness frown

With passion looking around

Is this really a mistake or fate? I cried.

Suffering repeated mistreated, peeping

Through the windows, whispering

To the air I continue

Asking the same question..

Is this really a mistake or fate?

Dilemma stood beside me smiling,

Lingering loud to my innermost,

Wearing garment of confusion,

Sat on the road raggedy,

Gloomy to friend and fremd,

This is never my choice, I cried.

Fate give my days bullet automatic choice,

Foolishly fighting to resist it,

Running away from it but closer it comes,

It brings together and tears apart,

Deciding my way, I detest

Protest against fate mount my lips

Telling friends and alien

Some said it's necessity of life,

Absolutely requisite it is,

Doom! Ill fate! I can't accept it

Some passed speechlessly,

Are you passing without a word too?


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