LavenderLuv2022/01/03 17:52

It is the joy we all longed for, In our toil seeking for a daily comfort, Most times, we go the distance, For instance, like a lake in a desert, Seldom do we depart, the part, yeah, the part.. It is the Apex of it all, yet no one expect to fall......


It is the joy we all longed for,

From the daily toil we seek comfort,

Like a fountain in the desert,

We scamper at the goods in our lives,

We skip the mountain and depart,

Holding bar the intentions at heart,

Knowing that retention at last,

Brings us motivation so fast...

We pause and ponder,

Though with trust we wonder,

If we're getting the feelings alone,

The friends are home,

It is that moment when we all feel excited, even when some don't comment, we sure feel their excitement..


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