in the memory of...

skosh space2022/01/02 15:48

the days they spend together were no less than a story , this poem explains how and what they did when they were together

in the memory of...

in the memory of...

How did you forget the days when sunshine made you alive , rain made you thrive and every romantic song made you contrive .

How did u forget that night where we met for the 1st time behind everyone's sight.

How did u forget that ride round n round in same place just to spend time in solace.

How did u forget those long walk we used to make without even a tincture of ache.

How did u forget that clime where we spend hours together; still never counted the time

Where did it sublime ??

How did u forget that first ecstacy of touch that we made in each other's clutch .

How did u forget all our imaginations which made you fell asleep in isolation.

All the dreams we together had have now turned into a dream ...

Is it really easy to forget what's been done before,move on and let someone in that door ?


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