Damien2022/01/01 04:20

This is about how we take things for granted in this life and through many wars and battles many beautiful things are left forgotten which in this poem is the “Symphony” and how we long and search for happiness and peace



A moment of silence to be seen

To the symphony once played aloud now silent without a doubt.

With a beautiful message to glean

Melodic sounds of life heard day in day out.

Whilst taking it for granted.

Ohh never been so enchanted.

To be heard again or lost forevermore

To be remembered as nothing more than a folklore.

The chords of symphony for happiness we long for.

Lost in times of greed and power,

Thus forgotten nevertheless we ignore.

Now the only sound which brings peace is the rain.

Along side with a bit grief and pain.

I wrote this poem with a whiskey in hand.

Drown the emptiness in deep waters for I'm just a man.

Until another time .

When the bells of fantasies chime


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