Formation of collidal micro nano particles

Shruthi2021/12/29 13:06

In this micro nano particles green land halibut bone soup which made bone soup milky white stable and good tasting. And it is a non frying process and good for health

Formation of collidal micro nano particles

Formation of collidal micro nano particles and flavour characteristics of green land halibut bone s


Soup is an indispensable part of world food culture. In order to increase the added value of greenland halibut bone soup that has not been fried formed the MNP's has more harmonious and pleasent flavor. Non fried halibut bone is good processing method and can improve economic efficiency.


Halibut bone a byproduct of greenland halibut processing was prepared into a thick soup through a non-frying process. The formation of collidal microparticles and flavour characteristics in halibut bone was explored. The results showed that the nutrients in halibut bones was migrated to soup continuosly with the cooking processand reach the highest concentrations. Taste substance such as organic acids and total free Ami no

acids. The content of volatile flavour in 150 min group was lower than that in 90-120 min meanwhile ketones and fats becomes esters


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