Read Not Know Not

Lawal Ganny2021/12/27 20:53

The poem talk about the benefit of being a versatile reader. That the duty of a student is to study and to read extensively.

Read Not Know Not

Lecturer is to lecture as student is to read;

Pen is to write as book is to read;

Teacher is to teach as student is to learn;

Student is to study;

Car is to drive as canoe is to paddle;

Fisherman is to fish as student is to decipher;

Trumpet is to blow as drum is to beat;

Student is to peruse and understand;

You are what you read, speak, and write

Read text! Concept is conception

Yoruba folklore shows tortoise as the wisest being

Rabbit possesses this attribute in Hausa folktales

George Orwell presented pig as tortoise in the Yoruba tales.

Critic's statement differ from philosophers

They make total analysis

While reformer says but a supporting view

The evolutionary fight for radical change

Frustration! Challenges! Difficulties fill the world

Happiness so little; sorrow much

Associates, for diversity root cause of man's problem

If you don't associates, you never belong.

Remains neutral is a sign of cowardice

Any social system civilized not primitive

Invitation! general; honouring invitation specific

Read text! Ideas are conceived

He who plays a piper dictate its tune

Oh pride! Why do you live in man?

Meaning of meaning unknown

Read hetrowider

You surely come anew

Because something is always ahead

Of what you are taught

Be a versatile reader

Extensive reading has a powerful advantage

But make it moral.

To educate a man in brain not in moral

Is a menace in the society

Respect for ourselves guide our moral

Respect for others guide our manners

Mortality is the basis of all things

Truth is the substance for morality

For morality knows no boundaries

Education is not just schooling

Or an academic excellence

But a holistic design which involves moral.

Monitor the content of your character.


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