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Cheating somebody is the best skill in todays world to earn a months salary in minutes by someone. The one who gets cheated may sleep peacefully but the one cheating will never sleep sound and feed his family curses bestowed upon him with the money.

The Loss

The Unexpected Fun

Today the boys arrived at a hotel just outside the port area and were supposed to stay there till their vessel arrives.

One of them decides to have a beer and one friend joins him considering the fact that they had no alcoholic policy onboard the kids among the boys decided not to get involved.

Two of them Capt Nikky and Second in command DJ sat with a beer ,some meat neat the open window of their room and started having drinks , remembering some good old days and discussing the happy and the sad about them.

Outside our window we could see that there was a marriage hall and it was somebody's big day. After no time after we started, their celebration began too and the bride groom,friends and family were dancing to their local melodies.It was a pleasant picture to be seen from our hotel room. After a beer or two they both started discussing about the girls dancing there and our lad Nikky had some fetish about the red top skirts girl there and was continuously staring at her. Observing all her movements he decided to go down to the wedding and meet her. To DJ's suprise he dragged him down too..!!


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