sarita2021/12/27 08:35


Nighty Tidy

Nighty Tidy

What does one do, when they cant sleep?

When there are no sheep for counting?

Accomplished a lot, today, in fact

quite a substantial portion of the mountain.

Debris isn't cleared completely

The drawers do not shut so neatly,

and the things are all calling your name?

Saying "Take me back home."

"I got dropped here alone."

"I liked being in my own space."

If the remote wasn't missing

There wouldn't be any listening

To the mess speaking out in the night

The sheep on TV can drown out

The perpetual sounding pout

except when they simply are not there.

The universe seems to have other plans.

Things for which it still needs my hands

I keep going, just a little bit more

and the clatter of the clutter silences.

Quiet enough to hear a mouse,

the sound of peace and order,

flows thru out the house.


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