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A utopian short Sci-fi story for the creative and innovative crypto enthusiasts


It's the year 2080, Human's violent distruction and devastation of nature have resulted to global warming.

Natural disasters are common, and the ravages of internet hacks, viruses and the misuse of Artificial intelligence has eroded the morals of the society.

Most people are educated now,there more phds's than any time in the history of mankind.

People work less hours, and spend more time on personal projects and interest.

There's shortage of the Earth 🌎 reservoirs, people organize and fight for the less resources.

To subdue to the ravaged economy, people mass adopt the use of crypto currency as it's at highest peak.

After multiple countries in the world having adopted bitcoin as a legal tender, Bitcoin has achieved a universal acceptance as a currency.

Being the most secure blockchain, due to it's immutable protocol, volunteers around the world are running miner nodes to help decentralize and make the system more secure.

Bitcoin mining has always encouraged the development of cheap renewal electricity due to the energy needed to successfully calculate the 64hexademical hash.

AS more people join the network, the energy needed to successfully add the next block becomes more harder.

The block reward is barely enough, mining is marely profitable.

It get to the hearts of the most intelligent minds of their time, that the need clean, cheap renewable energy.

They start eliminating the need of fossil fuels, while making power cheap and abundant

The United Nation's host a campaign on "BEST PRACTICES IN THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY"

Nature through impacts of climate change and mounting pressure on natural resources, is in a way demanding for a transition from LINEAR to a CIRCULAR ECONOMY.


The pillars of the circular economy were now championed as the way to go to minimise wastage, save resources and protect the environment.

The United Nation's scheduled a discussion through a special feature, inviting all the stakeholders to share their circular economy initiatives and contributions to efficient and sustainable resource management.

Due to the information age, a young brilliant boy in a remote place of Africa suggest harnessing all the energy from the sun.

Like so much energy and cheap to produce.

Most people of their time are investing in fussion power on largescale which until now Human's haven't achieved a glimpse in it.

Production of clean and renewable energy, is at the hearts of the sound self driven intelligent humans.

Creating clean and renewable energy was needed

Ethan jaberi a typical software developer, worked as a freelance in couple of Decentralized Finance (Defi) project's, and he saw the higher fees clients were subdue to.

Ethan was proficient with AI and ML.

Growing up watching his dad build static and dynamic web page's, really paid off.

Ethan scheduled a meet up with the UN host's, he recorded the whole session just in case future reference was needed.

His ideas was very simple.

At first they had to build a replica of the international space station ( iss).

The biggest artificial object seen by the naked eyes on the earth surface.

The only difference is that the (ASS) Artificial solar satellite had solar panels that converted light energy to electric energy.

Unlike the ISS that experienced 15sunrises and sunsets a day, the solar satellite was put to orbit on low earth and at a relatively slow speed.

The solar satellite was exposed to uv rays for 24 hours a day Creating a lot of energy.

The whole plan was to create a relatively cheap power to mine bitcoin.

They installed robot controllers ranging in complexity from simple stepping switches through pneumatic logic sequencers, diode matrix boards, electronic sequencers and microprocessors to minicomputers.

It was man operated on earth while, the automated process run efficiently.On board the solar satellite, was a bunch of specialized computer's (ASICS) Application - specific integrated circuits, to mine bitcoin.

It was highly profitable, that it led to too much controversy.

Some were sceptical that at a time the solar satellite which was later renamed to solar Satoshi satellite, would compute the 51% overall bitcoin network and double spend their coins.

Due to the mass adoption bitcoin had achieved at that time, it was marely impossible for anybody to generate such power, in order to manipulate the system.

There was always an extra node running.

The profits were publicly spent to support the emerging technologies and science innovations, to the betterment of the whole globe and human civilization.


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