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The SUN as the first spiritual order is controlled by a female and her direct worshipers are the MERMAIDS.

THE SUN as the first spiritual order

The sun as the first spiritual order is being controlled by a female force,her immediate worshipers are the MERMAIDS.Those who have connections with the mermaids are normally the occult practitioners,dwarfs and the witches and wizards. These group consult them for special powers but often times they meet under the seas for meetings with the mermaids to discuss their agendas. Not just anyone could go to the meeting but only the leaders of the various groups listed can attend,they go to carry the instructions earlier before their personal meetings with their group members. There is a big book that they scribe their names on with blood,during the writing of their names if one has committed an offence one burns immediately without mercy,The name that occult group use to call the mermaid that they serve is usually MOTHER so watch out if you have someone close who normally use that word and in Africa they normally say Mame.


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