An ode to a friend

Fadairo2021/12/25 05:54
An ode to a friend

An ode to a friend

I'd befriended the sun before I met you,

It betrayed me by hiding it's head -

inward its shell, leaving me to the sourness

of my fate, to sail through the deadly night alone.

Night became friendly after I got used to its serenity,

It's cooler, so i discarded clothes off my body &

walked in pride, Till when daylight knocked and paved way

for lightness of a new dawn, exposing the

nudity i kept beneath its sharp darkness.

You are the only friend brightness & blurriness

of the day ne'er changed its being,

You were the only one there when the sunny

sun scorched & when night became terrific,

You were my shelter and shield.

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