Smiles of love

Don Juzi2021/12/24 15:09

The smiles of love, that creates purity in everyone, you are the one I was looking for, and when I looked at you I smiled with love, the power of smiles makes me feel loved.

Smiles of love, brings love

The smiles of love, brings love.

Then I see you from very far when my life is imprisoned and all my thoughts are no more, under the feelings of being lonely without wings to hold me up, I am scared and helpless, I am going to live this life to the soils, my soul will hunt for love,

But looking down at me with that smile, life came back and my sight was closed so that the feelings can conquer the world,

You brought back love when life was down, your smiles brought back love. Now we are in love..

Smiles are powerful.


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