You're a father now

Jesse2021/12/24 13:54

Story of an underaged father (poem)

You're a father now

You're a father now

You are a father now
Somehow you are the reason a child is born
Instead of thinking what is done is done
No time to sleep,no time to slump
Open your eyes before you hit a bump
Cause their is a baby in the back
Put the seat belt on and make sure the carrier is intact
You are a father now
Is it a blessing or curse
Did you wish you told her to abort
Or Did you wish you where five year older
So you could tell your parents bolder
Now you are stock with it
You are a father now
When you work you work for two
You don't even have money for one
Baby mama calling you jst to sue
Just know the sky will always be blue
You are a father now


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