syne2021/12/23 17:37

LIFE such a heavy word,.. never thought it would be this difficult...BUT you know what ..what is the worst feeling that time will not wait some people LOVE WHAT THEY DO while SOMPLE PEOPLE DO WHAT THEY LOVE so here i am sharing my life with you guys


Failure and Success

Born in a middle class family and lot of expectation...and when you and not able to fulfil your dream....when their is no confidence left in you but every time you are telling yourself their is something for you ...using heavy sentence like NEVER GIVE UP. Its kind of funny because in deep inside you know you don't have any confidence left in you are about to give up on your dreams every thing you thought feel like just giving up . We can category life in two parts success and failure . Success can be termed as the thing which you have achieved by doing lot of hard work

BUT you know what is one thing which make success and failure similar the amount of hard work you made and what makes success and failure different from each other is the result .i know this can be relatable to so many people .

So here i am writing my first blog hope you like it .


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