When you are mine

Flawless pen2021/12/21 16:09

The story of Zarah and her journey of love

Chapter2.At my big sisters place

Zarah is time for you to go to your sisters place,go pack up your bags let's go,I'm getting late for work already mother said .with that I said goodbye to Jamal on phone and headed to my room to pack my bags.

I was feeling bored in the car,I put on my earphones to help me relax and I fell asleep in the car.it was a three hours ride to big sisters place,mum tapped me up saying we are at big sisters place,with the news alone woke up that instant and headed for the door of big sister's house,I ran inside announcing my presence without knocking.i met big sis in the kitchen,she was making food for me ,I hugged her from behind as she turned around to see it was me,she was happy than I was.after staying for some minutes mum left .

Big sisters house was very big and beautiful and I loved her house.my room was also big,big sis and I chatted till her husband came back from work,when he came back I excused them and headed for my room to watch my favorite zeeworld series.i slept off while watching the series .

It has been a week and I totally forgot about Jamal .I hurriedly picked up my phone dialing his contact.i called more than five times but he didn't pick up.guess his angry at me.so I texted him and went to bed .

Jamal's pov.

Phone beeps

Hi honey,I'm sorry I forgot To call you through out the week,I'm sorry for hurting your feeling's,I love you.


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