When you are mine

Flawless pen2021/12/21 15:21

The story is a true life story of a girl who was beteayed by her long time boyfriend ,got pregnant and denied by him but still looking the baby and after overcoming all the pains she vowed never to love ,will she be able to keep her vow.

Zarahs pov

I woke up on Sunday morning,I couldn't wait for the next two hours for the clock to hit eight am.i got up from bed,went to the bathroom to have my bath.after having my bath I went to the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone because I was in a happy mood,the long awaited is here .I can't wait to go for holidays at my big sisters place.i made my favorite tuna sandwich and coffee for breakfast.we were all having breakfast peacefully when my phone started ringing.seeing who the caller was I exited the dining table to my room with smiles.

Jamal's pov

Today is the day my girlfriend will be going for holidays at her sisters place ,which is making me restless because I will miss her alot and I wouldn't want to lose her to any hot guy out there.let me call her,ring ring ring

Hello my love ,hope you sleep well ?yes I did handsome ,hope you dreamt about us,of course I did my love said Jamal.

I'm going to miss you very much you know?

Yes I will miss you more.


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