Loose weight naturally

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Loose weight naturally

Loose weight naturally

The naturally slim man because -

1. Smoking

I almost think that it’s an escape from your family. “If I give you this illegal herb I won’t get home till Saturday night.” And then the man from his office has that possible addictive feeling that you see in tv shows and things as well.

Maybe it is better for him if he smokes, because he is attracted to the forbidden... or because he can go home to his family (cause he is a wild beast)...

2. Dieting

Dieting generally depends on how much you’re drinking, your mood, not to lose weight.

And it is hard to stay healthy if you eat really unhealthy foods, because it makes you overweight. So that means you are eating normal meals which are like a sweet file in your body.

3. Food choice

Eat food that you like and use your preference. If your preference is to eat and not for you to go out of your way to find something - Eat tasty food that you enjoy.

4. Not drinking anything

If you are a normal person you don’t know many people who drink anything. Not having anything intoxicates you to drive. So be careful. But also if you drink alcohol you crave things like food. So why not choose that food.

5. Deciding what to do

As an introvert I might lack time to be sociable. So I am closer to my thoughts.

Knowing where your energy goes and who to stay next to is a good thing.

6. Guess what

Never do business in a state where they do not allow Muslims to grow their beards. Unless you are Muslim, that is.

And for instance the women are always treated a lot more than the men. So that’s why most people don’t take a good interest in business.

7. Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation contributes to unhealthy eating habits of not eating well during the night.

8. Running errands to have it done...

... or the worst case scenario -The single mom who has to run to a grocery store for milk or eggs or oil or butter or crackers every day to cook her meal.

9. Be an introvert

I consider myself a great introvert. I am a fun person and a loner...

If we are not having a good time with each other, it is because we are not connecting.

And mostly we are the ones doing the connection for each other, and only with an exception.

In this process, we may think that we are the most important persons. But we are not. There is a maximum of 1 person who can connect with us.

And only this one person is going to tell you the word “don’t - He. Can hear you. And he can’t like any distraction. So this includes a range of products, fruits, soup, milk, milk and eggs.

If you are a naturally slim man, then maybe some of these things will prove to be very helpful for you.


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