Haunted Dreams

Tyrandz2021/12/11 09:51

I had this problem of having nightmares early this year to the extent of not sleeping.I was afraid if sleeping but poetry kept me moving Writting out what and how i felt really helped me alot. Thank you poetry.

Haunted Dreams

Haunted Dreams

Another day starts when I lay my head on the bed...
I found myself lost in a minute to an unknown strange place..
I find the place creepy but I can't vividly explain...
Then I start walking towards the abyss in a slow pace...like a lone race..with a gaze from noone,am on my own lane..
This place kind of seem familiar but I've never been there..
I try to think harder but mind is suddenly infested with fear...
I can't breath nor utter..though I haven't walked further..but my instincts tells me "walk and you'll be there"...

Crying screams of death I can hear in all directions..
I haven't been holly nor I believe no superstitions..
Sounds like a cliche but the truth is far from emotions...
Distorted voice..making a godly noise.. telling me I gotta rap to save myself from this..
Saying I prayed for this...Killed for this..died for this..but who can wish to be trapped in this..

The pace grows faster like am racing against time..Its like am running in the desert for that dime....am like why..is this happening coz the dream felt so alive...

I look up and say God wake me up from this horror..
I promise you I'll be holly if I get to see tomorrow..Spare my family this sorrow..they are not ready to lose me..they got lot of expectations from me..please God make me see tomorrow...


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