Tangawizi leon2021/12/07 13:50

It's a fantasy


it's not yet over

allow me make my wishes first

let me fullfil my dream first

maybe alter myself first or

repent and makes my fault right first

it's not yet over

my goals are not yet reached

my ambition are still big and yet to achieve

all those that are on my shoulder are not laid down

allow me first please then boom we go

coz right now it's not yet over

in this movement they are blockege and u-turns that hinder the passage

I have gone astray and mass up along the way

I own still the dept of purity

still I need to amend the sins

still God's blessings never rain

in the process of renewing my covenant with God my late sins attack me severally

am dump down to the wastage

all the hopes are pierced and torn

I guess it's only the Creator to depend me

coz man's weapons are above me but surely

If God is with us who is against us......

it's not yet over


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