Terfa2021/12/05 13:25

Its poem about vanity that leads to destruction

Fast life

Fast life

You told me to take away
a life to get the prize but
You never told me, I will have
to pay a price for the claim.
Now I'm living on lives and
Counting in sixes
You told me that just like the clock I will never stop ticking but you never told me,
I will have to be enchained to tick.
I cry to sleep only to see fear dinning in
My dreams.
You told me to own life but this life I can't own because every day I have to atone.
You told me to take this path
But you never told me this path leads to a tunnel.
With all the bags I walked like the clock
tirelessly like the ticks.
I started to wither but yet the ends of this tunnel were not closing up on me
Echoes of this path kept puncturing me as it walked to and fro
When I was all withered out now ready to be feasted on by fear
Then a light blurred my sight and gave me a site to build a right.
That light, Is my WRIGHT.......


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