Moses Gausi, a “Love dawn poet/Phyzopoet” was born in Mzimba, Malawi on 12th September, 2001. The Love Dawn Poet/Phyzopoet was raised by his parents and him being the last born in a family of five children. He attained his education in Mzimba, he did his primary studies at chankharam primary school and got selected to Muzu Government secondary school. During his second year in secondary school he began to express his interest in writing. He began to play around words and taking writing seriously. During his fourth year of secondary level, Moses Gausi took an advanced advantage of the national crisis, the covid 19 pandemic and took writing and poetry to another level where he got a chance to publish some of his work on website called Fundzaapp and other online platforms. Currently Moses Gausi is persuing his Bachelor of Science first year at the University of Malawi. For more information contact +265 991 790 678