Jelvin S. Gibson

Jelvin Stephen Gibson remains the name. He was born in montserrado county, precisely ELWA Hospital on Friday, 8th August 1995, as a first son of four children. Father's name is Stephen T. Gibson and mother's name is Etta B. Sulonkpala (late) while his step mother's name is Benetta Jones Gibson. He is from Bong County by origin. He holds a certificate in " Acting for stage", "Acting for Radio", ``Artist Management", and " Acting for Camera" on the 3rd day of August 2018. He is a poet, he holds a certificate in 'POETRY'and in Prose form the EAS' Online School of Creative Writing. He is a classroom Teacher; he holds an Associate Degree in Education (AA) (Language Art) from the Licosess Mobile Teacher Training College and he looks forward to holding B.Sc as soon as possible. His hobbies are writing, reading, teaching, and caring for others. Because of writing, he gained popularity in the Liberian Movie Industry. He wrote and starred in the movie "Greed" and also wrote the script