Clumsy Nervi

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Anna2020/10/18 18:41

A clumsy and hardworking lady got to meet her soulmate

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Love at last


"Nervisa ,Nervisa ...You this stupid girl where are you" My stepmother Madison shouted but I waited for her to call me again before I answered her

"Yes Madison" I answered and came out from were i hid...

"Where are you since I've been calling you since but u did not answer" she yelled and I laughed deep within me...

"I did not here you call me"..I answered

"How will you hear when your mother died of the same thing and passed the spirit to you before before she died" she said mockingly making me want to cry but I won't ..not in front of this stupid woman..

"Take this address,once you finish cleaning up my shop you go there .. Its clara she needs a maid forr today and make sure you bring the money back for me before you go to work.." She said stretching a paper to me. I took it and examined it and saw it was truly Clara's address..

" But Madison am not a maid na aw how will u say I should go and start cleaning for people" I said in anger. Seriously this woman is getting on my bad side this morning..

"Are you okay ?you know what you ate nothing but a fool and a public maid " she said and wanted to hit me with the stick with her when I ran away cussing under my breathe and I just kicked away her daughter Cara who stood laughing I kicked her so hard on her tummy gave her some funny face and ran out laughing leaving her and her mother to sort out their problems even when I know I'll face the consequences when am back .. I ran off greeting people on my way..

Am nervisa a lady of 20 graduated from college with a very high grade but couldn't further because I have a father more like I don't have one I never got to meet my mom and my fathee says shes dead.. I have to put up with Madison cause she rules the house...

Love story
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