Beginning of happiness

Christophina2021/09/28 22:06

Its about a little girl called Lisa, she is a 12 year old girl with brown eyes and black beautiful hair. Lisa lives with her aunt Miss Tina but her aunt never treats her with love and affection. One day it was raining heavily and Lisa decided to run away from home. As she walked along side the road, she noticed a women closing up curtains in her house from a distance and she walked towards that house. She went at the door and she knocked, there came a lady that opened the door. The lady looked at Lisa with her wet hair and wet clothes as she was drained by the heavy rain and she asked, “how may I be of any help to you my dear?” Lisa with her eyes filled with tears, she said “Can you please help me with shelter as it is raining and i have nowhere else to go and it’s dark?”. The lady replied “The only way I can help you is by allowing you to sleep on the bricks that you see right there behind you", and Lisa said, “Thank you ma’am”, as she walked towards the bricks.


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