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An elephant and a canine became pregnant simultaneously. 90 days down the line, the canine brought forth six little dogs. A half-year after the fact, the canine was pregnant once more, and nine months on it brought forth another dozen little dogs. The example proceeded. On the eighteenth month, the canine moved toward the elephant addressing, "Would you say you are certain that you are pregnant? We became pregnant on a similar date. I have conceived an offspring multiple times to twelve young doggies and they are currently developed to turn out to be enormous canines, yet you are as yet pregnant. What's happening?" The elephant answered, "There is something that you should fully grasp. What I'm conveying isn't a little dog but an elephant. I just bring forth one out of two years. Whenever my child hits the ground, the earth feels it. Whenever my child goes across the street, individuals pause and watches in adoration, what I convey draws consideration.


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