Eva2022/02/06 08:49

With Overlord, Satoshi Oshio (screenplay) and Hugin Mayama (drawings), mangakas in charge of adapting Kugane Maruyama's Light Novel, plunge us into the heart of a virtual universe that stands out from these illustrious predecessors thanks to the singularity of its main character! Finished the nice hero whose evolution we followed, here, we meet Lord Momonga, undead necromancer level 100, leader of the powerful guild "Ainz Ooal Gown"! Prisoner of an unknown world, our evil lord will not try to find a solution to contact the real world. No, he will go in search of a new purpose for his existence and make the decision to conquer this new universe while leaving his mark on it. What could be easier when you have powers beyond belief and equally powerful guardians?


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