Tribute to my mama

Nameless2022/06/25 21:51

I saw mama walked a million miles,

Just to let me see my future.

She never rested for a while,

Even though life was hard to capture.

A mother like no other

A woman of the highest order

A heart that brings families together

That was my mother

She was a wife

And an incubator of life

She was a mediator of rife

And a remedy of strife

How I wish I could take away her pain

How I wish I could bring her back to life again

But as there is a time for a lose, so is there a time for a gain

Hence, until the next life, I shall always pray for blessings to fall on you like the rain

Oh mama, I love you ,

And this is from my heart to you

Oh mama, may Allah see you through

And this is my prayer for true


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